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Welcome to WildMushroomsOnline.co.uk! The UK's Biggest Fungi Foragers Club
Welcome to my new and improved site for fungi lovers and wild food foragers! If you have arrived at this site then you probably have a passion for fungi foraging and are looking to gain knowledge about the hugely diverse and fascinating world of wild mushrooms. On the links below you will find a number of sections which will hopefully be a guide to you in your research. This site contains many pages and they are not always easy to find - if you get stuck, please try using the search box or click "View All Categories" Do not eat any wild mushrooms without expert guidance. You use this content at your own risk. Also - share your foraging trips and use the "Post Latest Foraging Trip" feature to tell others about your foraging for anything from fungi, wild plants, wild meat, berries, nuts or herbs.
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Found this mushroom a dead deciduous tree.
Found in Trondheim Norway on the 22nd of March. Weather in general has been between -5 and 5 degrees.
I b
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I'm fairly new to foraging and have discovered what I've hopefully identified as two examples of young chicken of the woods. Please correct me if I'm
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Foud under conifer tree on bare soil. Smell is very mushroom flesh firm.
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    No posting of large selections of mushrooms for ID. We do not want to encourage random "hoovering" for ID later by experts, we MUST protect our wild species, try to photograph them in postion without disturbing them.
    It is OK to pick a mushooms for identification if there are lots of them but of there are only one or two, then do not pick them. Try to gather as much information as you can to learn what they are without picking or disturbing the mycelium.
    If you do pick, NEVER rip them from the ground, always cut with a knife as it protects the mycelium threads.
    Also, NO posting of mushrooms already chopped up for the pot. We can't identify them when they are in pieces and you shouldn't even be thinking about eating fungi unless you know what they are.
If you pick mushrooms you don't know then you can very easily end up picking rare species by mistake, including inedible ones. This is at best unethical and in some cases it is also illegal. We want to help people learn about wild fungi but in a manner that will not denude our countryside. They are critical to the overall health and wellbeing of our landscape.

In the box below, describe where you found your fungi, ideally what the lanscape was, what trees where near it and other useful info - the main thing is a decent photo. Add as much detail as you like as it will help others try to identify it. Feel free to make a bit of a story out of it, it's nice to read about other people's foraging trips. Please remember - Do not eat anything unless you have it identified properly or know 100% what it is, Wild Mushrooms can kill.

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